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The mission of Beyond Behavior Consulting is to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services to children in their home, school, and community, to improve their quality of life in the least restrictive environment possible.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the use of scientifically validated techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. Today, ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective treatment for autism. It has been endorsed by a number of state and federal agencies, including the U.S. Surgeon General and most primary insurance companies. Applied Behavior Analysis provides treatment based on scientific observations and testing of best practice. The science is based on many years of research to provide the most effective treatments for children with Autism. ABA helps teach social, motor, and verbal behaviors, as well as reasoning skills, and works to manage challenging behavior.

Beyond Behavior Consulting was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Silva and Danielle McGurk. Jenn and Danielle began their careers in the Behavioral Health Services industry and continued their education into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. As they developed and understanding of the principles of ABA and began to see the change that it created in the lives of their clients and families, they knew it was essential to bring services and disseminate information to families and educators in Northeast PA. They believe it is critical to implement the least restrictive procedures in the least restrictive environment, that are likely to be effective for each individual. Hence, Beyond Behavior Consulting was born.

In 2017, Joanna Cunningham joined the Beyond Behavior team. Joanna began her career as a special education teacher in an early intervention classroom and continued her education to become certified in Applied Behavior Analysis. As with her counterparts, Joanna quickly realized that it was essential to bring services and disseminate information about Applied Behavior Analysis to her community. With a background in early childhood, elementary, and special Education, Joanna partnered with Jennifer and Danielle to create Beyond Behavior Autism Center. Beyond Behavior Autism Center was established in early 2018 and provides center based treatment and education to children with Autism based on the principles of ABA.

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