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What We Do

Here at Beyond Behavior

We are dedicated to the individualized treatment and education of children with Autism. We provide programming that focuses on communication, social and behavioral development, toilet training, feeding, self- help, skill acquisition, and behavior reduction.

  • Home Based Services

    For families- ABA services for your child with Autism in home, school, and community

  • School Based Services

    For schools- FBA’s, Positive Behavior Support Plans, and Classroom Management Plan development

  • Center Based Services

    Center based comprehensive treatment and verbal behavior programming

  • Social Skills Enrichment
    Summer Camps

    Enrichment programs such as art, music, sensory, karate/yoga, and more!Learn more about Summer Camp!

  • Speech Therapy
    Feeding Clinic

    Helping childen increase their communication skills.
    Helping problem and picky eaters. From birth to 18. Learn more about Speech! Learn more about Feeding!

  • Occupational Therapy

    Helping children to increase their function across all environments. Learn more about OT!

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